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How to choose a Power Station for your needs?

When looking for a power station, capacity should be your top priority. Watt-hours (Wh), a unit of measurement used to describe output capacity, represent how much energy a battery can store. Use our power station calculator to find the best power station (portable power station) for your needs.

How to use the Power Station Calculator?

When you enter the appliances you wish to power, the calculator offers power station suggestions and estimates the number of hours those power stations will be in use.

Steps to take:

1. Pick the devices you want to power

2. Click “Find Devices” to see suggested power stations

3. To view additional product details, click "View Product"

Where can I find an appliance's wattage?

The power consumption information (watts) for your appliance can usually be found on the back of most appliances or by directly contacting the manufacturer. If the Tech Specs only provide voltage and amperage instead of watts, just multiply those values to obtain wattage:

Wattage = Voltage x Amperage

Note: Use the EDIT button to modify the settings of an existing appliance or the ADD CUSTOM APPLIANCE button to include your own custom devices.

What is a watt hour (Wh)?

Each power station (portable power station) has a watt-hour number (Wh). The capacity of energy that a power station (portable power station) can store for usage on devices, appliances, etc is measured in Watt Hours.

How does the calculator calculate watt hours (Wh)?

Enter the watts (W) of the appliance(s) and the average number of hours of use to calculate the Wh (watt hours). The calculator will then show the estimated Wh (energy consumption).


Calculation: Appliance(s) Watts x Hours Usage = Watt Hours (Estimated Energy Consumption).

How does the calculator show for how long the suggested power station last?

Calculation: ((Product Total Capacity x 0.85) ÷ Watts Required) = Hours of Usage